This week has been a whirlwind. When my son and I return home from visiting my parents tomorrow we will have an almost complete new bathroom. After moving into our new (old!) house in June, and living with a rather grotty bathroom with no actual bath, adding in a total house electrical rewire – read dust and holes everywhere – it’s going to be rather incredible to have a room which feels clean and nice. I just hope I’ve picked the right tiles and floor; we’ve gone rather dark on the walls – I’ve never had a dark bathroom before and I can’t really imagine what it’s going to look like. Yikes.

On Friday I also begin a new teaching job, it’s only part time but it’ll be my first time back in a classroom for 3 years, since Toby was born. It’s also with EYFS, and I essentially have no idea what I’m doing. So that’ll be fun.


It’s been a minute. I originally opened Shycircus.org at the very end of 2006; it was a Christmas gift from the lovely Tran. Over the years it’s been reincarnated in various forms, but it never stuck. Recently I’ve been really missing my veteran internet days, having become truly fed up of the narcism of places like Instagram (I deleted the app from my phone about a week ago and it feels bloody great!).

Then I stumbled upon Leprd and felt a little bit inspired. Thus, my little collection of thoughts and things has been reborn!