As you can see, I switched up the look of the site again. I know the previous layout was adorable, and only on the blog for a few days, but unfortunately it wasn’t completely compatible with everyone’s browsers and I like my sites to be accessible for all.

This theme was made by one of my oldest online friends; Brittany. She no longer designs, but I found this delight stashed away on my hard-drive and it brought back feeling of nostalgia. Plus it’s pretty.

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Almost eight years ago, way back in 2007, my dear friend Tran gave me as my first ever domain. Over the years I’ve developed a bit of a domain ‘habit’, and when expired at the beginning of 2009 – and Tran was unable to renew it – I began an endless foray of domain hopping. I checked the domain registrars frequently, but the domain was snapped up and hoarded by a company, and it sat unused and unloved as a forwarder for a foreign website.

Then, one day – while again questioning my online existence and wishing to revisit the ‘good old days’, I noticed that was available again! Without any hesitation I registered and set the site up on the same day. It feels good to be back home.

If you remember the original please leave a comment! I’d love to see how many of us are still around…

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