Time to Detox

March 15, 2015

This year I have been working to make my body healthier and happier. Next month I have what promises to be a very posh wedding to attend, and then a few days later I start a brand new job. The new job will ensure my happiness level rises, but the wedding (and finding a dress to fit) could mean disaster.

I will come right out and say it; I hate cooking. I am lazy, far too lazy, to spend longer than twenty minutes in the kitchen and would rather grab a takeaway in front of the TV than spent hours slaving over a home made delicacy. However, desperate times call for desperate measures.

Over the past two months I have been dabbling in Ilumi dishes – gluten free and good for you – and my gut and waistline have been thanking me. I am not particularly tolerant to gluten and this small change has helped to make me feel better and lose a few excess pounds. Now with only 4 weeks to go I’m ready for the serious detoxing.


Although I’m not a believer in the term ‘detox’ in the strictest sense, I do find that cutting out processed foods and excess sugar brings a world of good. I decided to try out Gwyneth Paltrow’s Annual Goop Detox. At just under £100 to purchase the food needed for only 7 days this certainly isn’t a long term option – but beats any diet delivery services that exist (which the lazy cook in me seriously considered first!). My grocery shop is due to be delivered on Friday evening, and I’ll start first thing Saturday morning. I’ve read mixed reviews on Paltrow’s meal plans – but reading through myself it all looks fairly appropriate and flavoursome – I’m looking forward to seeing if I can motivate myself through the full 7 days!

Have any of you tried these so called ‘detox’ diets?

Cute Noir Revamped!

Hello! As you can see there have been a few changes at Cute Noir. Previously hosted on Blogger, I decided to move the website over to my own hosting and it is now powered by WordPress. Personally I have always loved WordPress more, and it was inevitable that I would end up here at some point.

The site also have a kooky new theme, courtesy of my friend Kya who made this for me a few years ago. I plan to include a few magically inspired posts over the next few months and so this just seemed to fit rather nicely.

You can pop on over and follow my new blog feed on Bloglovin’, and hopefully all of the pages are back up and running smoothly. Thank you for stopping by and please pop back for more content shortly!